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In April 2022, at a meeting of the Vilnius City Council, the proposal to rebuild the Chapel of Jesus of Šnipiškės was approved. Municipial officials decided to announce a competition for design works related to the reconstruction of Śnipiskių Street and the reconstruction of the chapel, as "a historically important facility that will become one of the attractions of the city of Vilnius". 

In accordance with the agreement concluded between the Parish of St. Raphael the Archangel in Vilnius and the Litvanus Foundation, the foundation will support the reconstruction of the Chapel of Jesus of Šnipiškės.



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About the chapel

Jesus of Šnipiškės is a sculpture of Christ carrying the cross, which was in the chapel located by the Green Bridge.

The chapel was built in 1710, in the year of the plague, in the place where pilgrims gathered before setting off on the Way of the Cross. The sculpture was probably placed around 1720 on the hill where the victims of the plague were buried in 1709-1710. It was placed by the Jesuits to remind Vilnius residents of the dedication of the Rochit brothers who stayed in the city to look after the sick and all died of the plague.

The sculpture of Jesus of Šnipiškės was famous for its miracles, which is why its copies and images spread throughout Lithuania. The sculpture was immortalized, among others on lithographs and pictures by Jan Kazimierz Wilczyński, photos by Józef Czechowicz and Jan Bułhak, and on various medals.

The sculpture of Jesus of Šnipiškės was lost in the 1950s after the chapel was demolished by the Soviet authorities.

In 2017, an unexpected discovery was made in the basement of the Church of St. Raphael the Archangel. The rediscovered statue of the Savior was very damaged, so the parish priest of St. Raphael the Archangel in Vilnius, Fr. Mirosław Grabowski decided to entrust it to specialists from the Museum of Church Heritage in Vilnius, where the sculpture was restorated.







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Snipiskiu gatves rekonstrukcija vizualizacija

Nuotr. SĮ „Vilniaus planas“ Šnipiškių gatvės (pėsčiųjų zonos) rekonstravimo projektiniai pasiūlymai, (projekto vadovas S. Dagelis, architektas P. Jonys, 2012 m.)



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